This is a default web page for new accounts with HostBoxUK.

This site is under construction.

For the site owner - Getting Started

There is a link to your control panel at the bottom of this introduction, log in with your account username and password and follow these steps,

if you have lost your login details just send support a message and we will send you your details.

Change this web page.

  1. Go to your File Manager
  2. Open the directory public_html.
  3. Right click on the file named index.html

Now you have three options :-

  1. HTML edit the file in file manager to make this page to your own.
  2. If you have one you can upload your own index page from file manager.
  3. Use FTP to upload your files to ftp. using your account [username] and [password]. Log in to your public_html directory.